Apple Watch Series 4 now with ECG app

The wait is over!

With the approval from the Health Sciences Authority (Singapore), the ECG app for Apple Watch Series 4 has been rolled out publicly in Singapore as of today (23 July 2019)

However please do not use the ECG app to replace what your physicians or as a single source of truth to avoid going for your respective medical appointments when you are feeling unwell and/or your respective health checkups. Consider it as a tool to augment your health data to share with your physician for them to better understand your health patterns. 

Before you start, first things first, ensure that your Apple Watch is updated to the latest watchOS 5.3 and your iPhone to the latest iOS12.4.

When you’re done updating both your devices, refer to your Apple Watch Apps:

Tap on the ECG icon ECG App to begin.


ECG-Watch 1     ECG-Watch 2


Once done, refer to your iPhone Health App icon Health App for the set-up.


iPhone-ECG 1     iPhone-ECG 2


Once you have filled in your Date of Birth required, tap on the Continue button.


iPhone-ECG 3     iPhone-ECG 4    iPhone-ECG 5


Always remember, if you are feeling unwell seek professional medical help from your physician.


iPhone-ECG 6


You are now ready to take your very first ECG with your Apple Watch Series 4.


iPhone-ECG 7


Follow the instructions accordingly to get your first ECG reading.


Watch-ECG 3    Watch-ECG 4    Watch-ECG 5


Our editor had a go at the trial and had a pretty healthy reading. 


Watch-ECG 6


For a more complete reading of your ECG results, you may refer back to your iPhone. 


iPhone-ECG 8    iPhone-ECG 9


Your setup process is complete! You can now view all your recorded readings on your iPhone.


iPhone-ECG 10


How was your reading?