What kind of Data do We Collect

What kind of data do we collect and how do we use it?
what kind of data do we collect?
When you browse the web on the internet, the internet collects crumbs of your cookies which are data of the pages you visit and interact with.
With the cookies collected, websites and businesses like us at iStudio, are able to better understand the pages you are interested in or enjoy more. This helps us better recommend you pages and products that you are more likely to be interested in.
Data is also collected when you shop online by Adding to Cart and when you hit Check Out.
The answer is, No.   We, at iStudio do not track nor store confidential data such as your Credit Card information when shopping with us on our eStore. Your data is submitted through a secure channel with the Bank that ensures your purchases are made in a secured manner.
The information that we do track are your Order Details, such as your Name, Contact Details and your Ordered products. This helps us prepare your order accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.
An iStudio staff will never request sensitive information such as your Credit Card CVV and/or OTP (One-Time Password).  Together we can make your Online Shopping experience with us, Safe and Enjoyable.