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Product Description

Designed for the road warrior & frustrated trackpad user.

If you’re sitting in an airport lounge with your laptop, a cafe, a plane, a train or Uber; this is where TRACPOINT shines. Use the mouse right on your laptop palm rest or almost any other surface.

Just like writing with your pen, TRACPOINT mouse is the perfect productivity tool for all your travel needs, optimise your mobile workspace and be just as productive on the move as you are in the office.

We have combined wireless presenter technology into the mouse, providing a pointer to manage your slides, highlight sections with SpotPoint and numerous other features that enable you to present and work with just one reliable device.

Ultimate Travel Mouse

The perfect productivity tool for all of your travel needs. Wireless, lightweight and portable; TRACPOINT is small enough to be used on virtually any surface – even your laptop palm rest or flight tray!

TRACPOINT weighs in at 25% of the weight of a conventional mouse – and is smaller than a golf ball. You’ll no longer have to fill your carry-on with that heavy, bulky mouse!

With TRACPOINT you can finally put an end to the frustration of working with an unresponsive and inefficient trackpad, and your work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint becomes easier, faster and so much more precise – a solution that you’ve surely been waiting for.

Finally you can be just as productive on the move as you are in the office.


But TRACPOINT isn’t just a compact travel mouse.

We understand the frustration of carrying multiple devices when you’re on the road. With TRACPOINT we’ve made life easier by combining both mouse and presenter. With the integrated presenter TRACPOINT becomes a two-in-one device so you no longer need to pack awkward extras!

With TRACPOINT presenter you can easily navigate between slides or take your presentations to the next level by using the brand new SPOTLIGHT presentation tool to highlight what’s most important!

You’ll enjoy all the functionality of comparable presenter products and a practical travel mouse, at a much better price!

Rapid Charge Battery

TRACPOINT has a great battery and charge system.

The USB-A charge dongle simply connects into your laptop or tablet. The self-locating magnet connector aligns the charge pins and safely holds the mouse.

A 60 second charge gives 1 hour of use and a full 90 minute charge gives up to 2 weeks – never get caught out with a flat battery, work anywhere with confidence.

Gesture Technology

Just flick to get where you want to go – no need to reach for your touchscreen.

Keep your fingers on your TRACPOINT and, even without a touchscreen, the TRACPOINT’s unique touch gesture technology allows you to scroll and zoom with ease.

What's In The Box

  • TracPoint mouse
  • Travel case
  • Wireless USB receiver

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