Reservations Policy

i) Items may only be reserved (without payment) 3 days in advance of query/collection.  (e.g. enquire on 1st December, visiting store by 4th December.)


ii) Items will only be reserved (without payment) for a maximum duration of 3 days from confirmation date of reservation, after which, product will be released for sale – e.g. reservation confirmed on 1st December, product will be reserved till the 3rd ​​of December and released back for sale on the 4th ​of December


iii) Items will not be allowed to be reserved for another 3 days after the initial 3 days reservation has ended. If item reservation is under suspicion of being reserved again by the same customer, iStudio is under no obligation to fulfil reservation and will release item back for sale.


iv) Newly launched products are not available for reservation unless otherwise stated, or items have been pre-ordered prior through or through iShopChangi when applicable.


v) Newly launched products will only be available for reservation after one (1) month from launch or when constraint on stocks has been lifted, whichever is later.


v) All reservations will be directed to the stores respectively for the stores to follow up on. At point of reservation, please let us know which store you will be collecting the product from.


vi) Feedback team will assist in taking the details of reservation for the customer should the customer have troubles making contact with our stores. Do write in to with your reservation details. Do note that this reservation is only confirmed upon confirmation acknowledgement from an iStudio staff.


vii) Stores will be responsible for reservation of items and ensure stock availability should reservation be confirmed.