How does roamwifi work

1. Download APP by searching RoamWiFi at Apple App Store.

Apple App Store 

RoamWiFi app on Apple App Store

2. Open and sign up on RoamWiFi App


3. From Menu, My Device - Add Device, add your RoamWiFi device to your account to reserve internet service of destination countries before departure.


4. Connect to the WiFi Network SSID as provided on the RoamWiFi screen with the Password provided.

5. Enjoy stable and secure internet access wherever you are.




How does roamwifi work

1. How do I purchase my data plan? All data and data plans can be purchased directly from your RoamWiFi app, giving you ease of convenience to change your data consumption suited to your requirement.

2. Do I need a SIM-card to use the RoamWiFi device? No, the RoamWiFi device comes with an internal SIM-card that detects connectivity internationally where RoamWiFi is available to provide your mobile device with WiFi connectivity.

3. Do I need to set my region in order for the RoamWiFi device to work? No, your RoamWiFi device will detect your location and connect you to the most stable and secure portable internet access network available.

4. How many devices can I connect to my RoamWiFi device? Up to 5 devices, though 3 devices is recommended to ensure optimum speeds for all devices connected.