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We Provide Services and Repairs for Apple Products

  • In and Out Warranty Service

  • Battery Replacement*

    *For iPhone and Mac only
  • Screen Repair and Replacement*

    *For iPhone and Mac only
  • Software Troubleshooting

  • Extended Warranty Packages

  • Onsite Corporate Consulting and Training

Service With Us To Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

  • AppleCare+ Available*

    1. One stop for technical support
    2. Apple hardware coverage
    3. Software support included
* Check with our Mac Retail Specialist for more details. T&Cs apply.

What To Expect During Your Repair

  • Get your device ready for service

    Back up your device, turn off Find My and have your Apple ID Password ready.

  • Visit your nearest iStudio store

    We will conduct an initial diagnose of your device and share repair options or initial costs involved.

  • Arrange your device for service

    A reference number will be provided to track your repair.

  • Service in progress

    Your device will be diagnosed by Elush Service Provider and you will be informed of the progress* via SMS notification.

  • Ready for collection

    Once your device is repaired, you will receive an SMS notification to visit the iStudio store to collect your device.

*and price quotation (if applicable)

Drop Off Your Device At Any iStudio Stores

(Excluding iStudio Terminal Stores)

Why Service With Us

  • One-Stop Location

    Visit us at our various locations and enjoy a seamless, all-in-one experience for your product or service enquiries.

  • Genuine Apple Parts

    Our Apple-trained technicians use genuine Apple parts, so you can trust us with all of your Apple devices.

  • Apple-trained Technicians

    Your device deserves an Apple-trained technicians to get it back working the way it should.

  • Apple-Approved Diagnostics

    Apple-trained technicians at Elush Service Provider use Apple-approved diagnostics and tools on every repair. This means that all of the repairs are Apple-certified and backed by Apple

  • Conveniently Located

    Our drop off points are strategically located for easy accessibility. Visit us to drop off your device for repair.

  • We're Here For You

    We're here to provide continued support and assistance to you even after your device is repaired.

Business Solutions

Contact us for all your corporate repairs.

Comprehensive solutions, seamless service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Apple devices do you service

Our service offerings encompass MacOS devices, including MacBooks, iMacs, Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro, as well as iOS devices, specifically limited to iPhones. Please note that our services are subject to devices three years from their respective release period.

For additional information regarding services for other devices, such as iPads, AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Accessories, and Beats, feel free to speak to our Mac Retail Specialist.

Is my device eligible for repair?

Visit our stores for device assessment and personalised advice from our Mac Retail Specialists.

What if I don't know what's wrong with my device?

Mac Retail Specialists will conduct an initial in-store assessment to identify any faults and advise accordingly.

Do I need an appointment for Apple device repair?

No appointments are required. You may head down to any of our stores (excluding iStudio Airport Terminal Stores) to drop your device off during retail hours.

How long does the repair process take?

Repair times vary depending on the complexity of the issue. Our technicians will give you an estimated time frame upon assessment.

My device has a cracked screen. Can you repair it?

Yes, we offer screen replacement services for devices with cracked or damaged screens. Our technicians will assess the extent of the damage and provide a repair solution.

What do I need to do before dropping off my devices?

Prior to dropping off your device, we recommend performing a full backup to minimise the risk of data loss during service. Please note that ESP is not responsible for any data loss, data backup, or issues related to third-party accessories.

Is my data safe during the repair process?

When it comes to data safety during the repair process, we prioritise the security and privacy of our customers' information and data. Robust security measures are in place to safeguard your data against unauthorised access, disclosure, or alteration. Access to customer information is restricted solely to authorised personnel involved in the service process. While we take every precaution to protect personal data, ESP is not responsible for unforeseen events, including but not limited to unauthorised access or breaches, that may occur despite our diligent efforts to safeguard information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by PayNow, Visa and Master Card

What happens if I do not proceed with the quote?

If you find the quotation unsatisfactory and wish to halt the repair process, kindly inform us. We will make arrangements for the device to be returned to the store, and you will receive notification once it is ready for collection (Please note that the deposit fee will not be refunded16).

What do I need to collect my devices?

You are required to bring along the Service Request Form for device collection.

What if I'm unable to collect the device myself, can I nominate someone to collect on my behalf?

Yes, you may nominate someone else to collect on your behalf. We will require you to download and fill in the ‘Letter of Authorisation’ and your nominee will need to provide the signed copy of the letter along with a copy of the Service Request Form.

What should I do if I'm experiencing issues after the repair?

Repairs come with a 90-day warranty starting from the date of the service report, applicable only to the repaired parts. In cases where the existing product warranty exceeds 90 days, the longer duration will take precedence. Customers are encouraged to promptly reach out to if further assistance is required.

Can I contact directly with a representative about my service inquiry?

Please feel free to email our customer support team at

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Terms & Conditions

Elush Service Provider (ESP), is an Apple Authorised Service Provider. ESP is part of the Elush Retail Group.

All repairs submitted by customer or business associate to ESP for service will be applicable to terms and conditions mentioned below.

1. The Customer must make a backup of their data before the device is handed over for repair to ESP unless device is under NPO (No Power On) state. ESP is not responsible for any data backup and data loss, or from third party accessories attached on the device.

2. Any sensitive information must be erased before the device is submitted for repair to ESP.

3. Find My, Screen Lock and any password protection must be deactivated before submitting the device for repairs.

4. Upon device collection, ESP retains the right to request the customer to provide the Service Request Form, settle all outstanding charges, and furnish evidence of device ownership.

5. All ESP repairs are accompanied by a 90-day warranty from the date of the service report. If the current product warranty extends beyond 90 days, the warranty with the longer duration will prevail. Customers are kindly advised to retain the Service Report for future reference.

6. ESP may, at its discretion, opt to sell or dispose of any serviced or repaired machine for which service has been declined. This action will be taken if the item remains unclaimed and continues to be held by ESP for a period exceeding 60 days.

7. ESP is not under any obligation to accept or fulfill customer instructions for device collection or free delivery to or from their home or any other specified location. However, if such a service request is accommodated, it will be subject to charges.

8. ESP is not obligated to provide demonstrations, instructions, or training on the operation of the device. Should such services be required, they will be subject to charges.

9. ESP reserves the right to decline service and repair to customers if the device exhibits evidence of unauthorized repair or modification, a mismatched barcode serial number, damage Beyond Economical Repair (BER), abuse, misuse, signs of liquid damage, or modification with third-party components.

10. ESP will exercise due care during the service/repair process, but it will not be liable for any loss of data, unauthorized data dissemination, claims, or expenses arising from the provision of the service.

11. Customers are responsible for removing all accessories, screen protectors, casings, etc., before sending in their device for repair. ESP will not reinstate these accessories.

12. ESP will utilize customers' personal information, including seeking permission to make a photocopy of their NRIC/Passport, exclusively for the purpose of verifying ownership or authorization for device collection.

13. Customers acknowledge that ESP staff will perform an external Visual Mechanical Inspection (VMI) on devices sent in, relying solely on naked-eye observations. Devices will not be viewed or inspected at oblique angles.

14. Final repair diagnostics will only be furnished by ESP and if any quotation required will be informed to customer prior to commencing of repair.

15. ESP reserves the right to amend, modify, add, or otherwise adjust these terms and conditions at its discretion, without prior notice to customers.

16. A non-refundable deposit of S$50 for in-warranty devices or S$80 for out-of warranty devices is required prior to commencing repairs; deposit will be applied towards the total repair expenses.

17. Other Terms and Conditions may apply.

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